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George and the Armenian Quarter

Last week we had the honor to get to know George – a very open, warm-hearted and friendly man. George met us at the entrance to the Armenian quarter of the Old City. He had been living most of his life in Jerusalem and welcomed us to his quarter. George I have never been there consciously before and only had walked through the area a few times – therefore I was curious to hear about its history.
We learned that since the 4th century A.D. Armenians have been living in Jerusalem, which I find quite remarkable. In the beginning, Christian monks from Armenia had settled in Jerusalem after their country had adopted Christianity as national religion, and until today their religion is considered as a branch of Christianity.
The most impressive building, which forms the heart of the Armenian quarter, is the Cathedral of St. James, and was built in the 12th century. George explained to us that James, the brother of Jesus, is believed to be buried under the main altar of this church.

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Interview #1: Azziz

One of the good sides of studying is that you get to ask your friends questions you normally wouldn’t ask and hear about things you didn’t know before! In this category of my blog I want to portrait four friends of mine who have different backgrounds, but all live or work in Jerusalem, as part of a seminar about Social Media and Blogging in Israel. I then would like to connect the information given during the interviews to different topics of the seminar.

My first blog post I start with Azziz*. He was willing to share his experience with me and patiently answer all my questions. Azziz was born in Jerusalem and lived there all his life.

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